Everything Hemp Growers Need to Know About Using FIBCs

A Booming Industry Facing Unique Challenges.

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The booming hemp industry is creating unique challenges for growers and processors alike. With the lack of reliable education on the internet, the hemp industry is commonly asking questions like how do I properly store my hemp and biomass? How can I extend my product’s shelf-life? How can I reduce the risk of mold and contamination? Is there an easier way to empty my bulk bags?

In this guide we discuss how FIBCs can address several of these challenges along with other tips and tricks for hemp/biomass growers and processors. By downloading this guide, you will gain access to: 

  • New and changing regulations and guidelines
  • Info on nitrogen packing and FIBC liners
  • Tips for Small-Batch Growers
  • Hemp Bulk Bag Matrix with recommend FIBCs for hemp growers/processors

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"Whether you produce small batch or large scale, are a grower or processor, The Hemp Grower's Guide to FIBCs is a great tool for anyone in the hemp industry!"

- Nick Neal, Business Development Rep