Let us help you determine the right bag for your product

product weight + calc.pngSafety and reliability are our top priorities. Each FIBC that we sell has a safe working load – with the most common being 2,200lbs and 3,000lbs.

To make sure the product you're packing will not exceed the safe working load of the FIBC you’re interested in, you’ll need to know the bulk density of the product you’re packing as well as the cubic foot capacity of the FIBC.

By downloading our Product Weight Guide and FIBC Volume Calculator, you will gain access to:

  • Product weight of 800+ common materials packed in FIBC bulk bags
  • Easy to use FIBC Volume Calculator to help you determine how much volume a specific FIBC will hold (in cubic feet)
  • Calculate the total weight of your product in the FIBC you selected (in lbs.)

Download the Product Weight Guide and FIBC Volume Calculator by filling out the form on this page!


Laura Heinen - National Bulk Bag

 "Knowing the weight and volume of your product is paramount for safe FIBC use. Our Product Weight Guide & FIBC Volume Calculator are essential tools to finding a safe and reliable FIBC for your application."

Laura Heinen, Sales and Marketing Manager